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We think wine should be a treat.

Wine is a pleasure. It should be fascinating and fun, and you should never feel dumb or bad about it.

We are here to include you in wine.  This Municipality is a village for anybody who wants to enjoy fermented grape juice, without pretension.

The perfect wine does not exist

…but that doesn’t stop us from trying to make it.  We strive to do a little better every year.

We cultivate long-term relationships with our vineyard partners, and get to know our rows in their sites over time. We believe in and work with growers who take care of the land through sustainable, organic, and biodynamic practices.

You deserve new wines!

… that cover as many wine-drinking occasions as possible. We are constantly experimenting with innovative ideas and collaborations in our wonderful grape-growing region of Santa Barbara, which is full of discovery and fresh energy.

Explore Muni Wines or our Potek Wines on our site now to see the latest we’ve dreamt up for you.

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