Draughtsmen Ale Works

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1131 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 259-4356

Our brewery is the creative expression and passionate work of five friends who seek to make some of the best beverages we can while mustering up as much fun as possible along the way. Our journey into the world of craft beer was built on friendship. We have witnessed the power this craft has had to bring people together and connect our community.

Community is the foundation of our business.В  Breweries dating back to colonial America were gathering places where people would strengthen relationships, discuss ideas and promote community agendas. This has not changed. We aim to build our community by providing quality craft beverages that bring people together and tasting rooms that foster local engagement.

Draughtsmen is a craft brewery located in Goleta, California with a taproom in Goleta and one in Santa Barbara. We started in 2015 as specializing in small batch beers. Our goals, products and community have expanded to produce our favorite beers, ferment some amazing wine and cider and brew a variety of hopped teas. Above all else we have created a community with good people while inspiring positive change.